EcoLog & GeoLog

Data collection and collation apps developed for field workers.

Which app is right for me EcoLog vs GeoLog

GeoLog provides the basic functionality that most outdoor workers require. EcoLog has more functions that allows the user greater flexibility to record survey data at remote points and zoning of maps during surveys.


Advanced data collection and collation app for fieldworkers

EcoLog allows field workers to easily create customized survey forms on mobiles to collect and collate data during field surveys. All data collected is location-referenced and time-stamped. With EcoLog, you can even collect survey data for points remote from your survey position or assign data to an area on a map.


Data collection and collation app for outdoor surveyors and researchers.

All data recorded is automatically location-referenced and time stamped. Any number of photographs can be taken and linked to a survey point. GeoLog allows you to easily import survey data into different software platforms such as GIS or to back-up onto spreadsheets such as Excel.


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Which app is right for you EcoLog GeoLog
Customisable forms to include many survey parameters Y Y
Collection of point data at handset location Y Y
Collection of point data at remote location Y N
Integrated photo capability Y Y
Creation of mapping polygons with descriptive text Y N
Collection of weather details Y N
Collection of project details Y Y
Integrated with google maps orthophotographs Y N


Designed by Ecologists working in the field, EcoLog and GeoLog offers more flexibility and the sophistication required of field workers without being overly complex and cumbersome.

The user of GeoLog has great flexibility as it allows forms to be customized depending on the survey or project requirements and you can create forms whilst outdoors. You hold all data on your mobile – there is no reliance on accessing a cloud whilst in the field! You simply back-up data when back in the office.

Each survey form you create can be re-used. Data from recurrent surveys can be held until the end of a project for collation.


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*Free Trial Details

As it is a subscription app we can only do this by asking for bank details in advance but you will not be charged until 14 days after download. If you do not wish to keep the app, to ensure you are not charged, you have to remove the app from "My apps" when logged in on Google store before the 14 days is up.

Technical Specifications

The app is designed to give optimal performance on a device with a screen size of 4.8 inches to 5.5 inches. Examples include, the Galaxy Note series, HTC Galaxy S3 and S4. The app will however run on a wide range of Android smartphones and tablets.