Molly Penzes

Assistant Ecologist

mobile: 071 914 0542

Molly 2

Molly is originally from Canada with a BSc. Environmental Conservation Science from the University of Alberta and a MSc. Coastal and Marine Environments from the National University of Ireland in

Galway. Her past work experience took her all over western Canada and included plant identification surveys, wetland assessments and construction monitoring.

She has worked for grizzly bear research projects, environmental consulting
firms and rare plant research projects. Molly has an interest in marine
environment conservation issues which led her to various parts of the globe
including South Africa to study great white sharks, Australia working in an
aquarium learning about the Great Barrier Reef conservation issues, and the
east coast of Canada studying blue sharks.

Most recently Molly attended the National
University of Ireland in Galway and fell in love with Ireland. She is returning
to her roots in Sligo where her great great grandmother was from before
settling in County Donegal where Molly still has relatives. She is looking
forward to settling down in Ireland and learning more about the country and