Sustainable Solutions

Environmental sustainability is about ensuring that today’s developments and activities are appropriate and will not have a negative impact on our heritage.

At Woodrow we have considerable experience in the wider aspects of environmental sustainability, with our staff and associates trained in areas such as green building, energy efficiency and environmental auditing. We can offer appropriate, tailored, services to enable companies, agencies and individuals to take practical steps towards sustainability.

  • Green Skills Training
  • Green Building Advice
  • Corporate & Social Responsibility
  • Highest Quality Advice


As part of Woodrow’s ongoing endeavours for sustainable solutions, we are delighted to have developed a mobile app EcoLog. EcoLog is designed to allow field workers (especially us!) to customise their own survey forms to suit their own data collection requirements.

We would be keen to know what you think of its current features. It requires no phone signal, forms can be created in the field and re-used as required. Users are not reliant on a phone signal or any external data collection devices.

EcoLog App

Environmental Projects

There is a considerable amount of information available on environmental issues but the applicability of different options in different situations can be confusing.

Our knowledge of environmental projects and time working with groups and organisations in many situations means that we can make recommendations for appropriate and achievable action and provide the support needed to achieve them. For example, in 2012 Fàilte Ireland contracted Woodrow to prepare a Natural Heritage tool kit for tourism establishments.

  • Sound Advice
  • Tool Kit Preparation
  • Facilitation to Achieve Consensus