Giulia Mazzotti

Ecology Support and Data Co-Ordinator

email: [email protected]
mobile: +353 7 1914 0542

Giulia - profile pic

Giulia Mazzotti joined the Woodrow team in April, 2022. She has a BSc. in Biological Sciences from University of Bologna, and a MSc. in Ecology and Nature Conservation from University of Parma. During her MSc. she joined the aquatic ecology lab at her university, focusing her studies in wetland restoration monitoring.

After living her whole life in Italy she decided to go for a new adventure abroad, and first joined the National Trust Ranger team in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. There she gained practical experience in woodland management, before landing a job at Woodrow as an Ecology Support and Data Coordinator.

When she’s not in the office she enjoys all kinds of arts and crafts, such as painting, knitting and pottery!