Sara Fissolo

Seasonal Bat Ecologist

mobile: 071 9140542


Sara has recently returned to Ireland after spending a year travelling in New Zealand, where she was conveniently stuck due to the pandemic. Originally from Cuneo, Italy, she has obtained her Ecology and Environmental Biology degree inUniversity College Cork in 2019. As a graduate she previously worked for another consultancy in Galway, performing all kinds of environmental surveys alongside more experienced ecologists. However, her heart is where the bats are. She studied urban bat responses to artificial light during her final year project, worked on dawn/dusk and roost bat surveys in her previous role and volunteered in New Zealand with a local bat monitoring project. She joined Woodrow to carry out fieldwork for the summer season, and can’t wait to go back into the Irish countryside.

She is pictured here, working under license, studying bat responses to light. Each of the hanging bags contained a carefully captured bat that would have been released safely back to the wild after ecological response observations.