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Bat talk in Kilteevan


May 2014

One part of our work with communities are educational talks. In May 2014 we were asked to give a talk about bats followed by a short walk for a youth group in Kilteevan.

The youth group was very interested in learning more about the bat species which can be found here in Ireland. The talk included information about the anatomy and behaviors of Irish bats, where they live and what myths about them are not true. It also included some amazing facts as: except for one species no Irish bat hangs up side down or wraps their wings around them.
After the talk the youth group was handed a couple hand-held bat detectors to make the echolocation of the bats hearable. These were necessary to make the experience at the close by stream more fun. Three species could be seen and heard on the stream which helped to give the group an expression about what was said in the talk earlier.

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