Ana Lencastre


email: [email protected]
mobile: +353 7 1914 0542

Ana lencastre

Ana joined the Woodrow team in April 2024 as a seasonal ecologist.

In her hometown of Lisbon, Portugal, she completed a bachelor’s degree in law in 2015. Realising the lawyer lifestyle didn’t suit her, Ana worked in the retail sector until she decided to try something new: she had the opportunity to live and volunteer at Murlough NNR in Co. Down, where she got involved in all aspects of the reserve management. When COVID restrictions hit in the Spring of 2020, she was fortunate enough to be the one carrying out butterfly transects for the reserve.

This experience was the confirmation she needed to know she wanted to build a career in nature. This led her to ATU Sligo, where she is now completing her 3rd year of the BSc in Environmental Science with Ecology.

Throughout her training and volunteering, Ana has gained experience in vegetation surveys, habitat mapping and invertebrate monitoring.

In her spare time, Ana loves all arts and crafts, with a special interest in watercolours, knitting, and calligraphy.