Daithí Lavelle

Ecology Field Worker

email: [email protected]
mobile: +353 7 1914 0542

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Daithí Lavelle joined the Woodrow team in April 2022 as a Seasonal Fieldworker. He has ample experience as a workshop facilitator for Leave No Trace Ireland, and runs his own part-time business caller Reconnect With Nature. As part of this he runs biodiversity bee and nature workshops, educating people with his passion for the outdoors. Daithí lived in New Zealand for five years working on boats as a dolphin guide and 20 years in the inshore fisheries industry.

He has a great passion for all things outdoors, a master surfer, if you can’t find him in the office check the waves at Easkey. He also loves hiking and beekeeping, when he’s not looking after his lovely family!