Frederico Hintze


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Frederico woodrow

I was born in Portugal and completed my Bachelor of Science in Biology-Geology at the University of Minho in 2011. It was during my time there, in 2009, that I first became involved in bat research and monitoring. Following my undergraduate studies, I pursued a Master’s degree in Ecology at the University of Minho, which I completed in 2014. For my master’s thesis, I focused on evaluating the impact of agricultural dams on bat populations in North-eastern Portugal. During the interim period between my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, I actively participated in over 10 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) projects in Portugal, working on projects related to dams, wind farms, roads, and transmission lines. After completing my Master’s degree, I was invited to join Professor Dr. Enrico Bernard’s lab as a bat bioacoustics researcher at the Federal University of Pernambuco in Brazil. I was fortunate to be awarded a PhD scholarship from the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES Foundation), which funded my doctoral studies from 2016 to 2020. Throughout my PhD, I integrated bioacoustics and species distribution modeling to enhance our understanding of the distribution of Neotropical bat species. In my most recent position, I applied my expertise to a postdoctoral project at the world’s largest iron ore mine in Carajás, Pará, Brazil. The project aimed to characterize the vocalizations of Amazonian bats and assess the impacts of mining on bat populations. Additionally, I worked on proposing new mitigation plans to the mining company, VALE SA. From October 2017 to May 2023, I served as the coordinator of the Bioacoustics Committee at the Brazilian Bat Research Society. During my academic journey, I have authored over 15 scientific publications and sampling event datasets. I have also actively participated as an instructor and lecturer in various advanced courses, workshops, scientific dissemination activities, and extension programs. While my specialization lies in bat bioacoustics, I also possess experience in GIS and Species Distribution Modeling. Moreover, I am skilled in bat capture, handling, and the search and monitoring of underground roosts. Additionally, I have experience in sampling biological materials such as tissues, blood, and feces, which have been applied to studies on species’ natural history, ecology, behavior, and conservation management. Beyond my professional pursuits, I have a passion for exploring new countries, immersing myself in diverse cultures, and embarking on outdoor adventures. Whether it involves trekking through the wilderness or navigating bustling city streets, I thrive on discovering new experiences and meeting people from different backgrounds. In my downtime, I’m a keen FC Porto fan (soccer), an avid action-adventure gamer, and a music and TV series aficionado.