Maeve Maher-McWilliams

Principal Ecologist

email: [email protected]
mobile: +353 7 1914 0542

1671016834998 (003)

An experienced ecologist, Maeve Maher-McWilliams has worked for over ten years on complex environmental impact assessments and mitigation design for development projects across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Maeve has been involved in projects across several sectors such as renewable energy; linear infrastructure; flood relief schemes and port developments; tourism and recreation; residential, pharmaceutical and data centre development. Providing advice & recommendations throughout project lifetime from inception and due diligence, right through the planning process and into post-planning compliance.

As a project manager and field ecologist she carries out multidisciplinary surveys, habitat surveys, bat surveys, mammal surveys and specialises in ornithology surveys. She is also a skilled Ecological Clerk of Works.